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Educards Update

December 2022

It's been a while since we released new info on Educards, and we wanted to provide an update on what's been happening and what to expect in the future.


We are still very passionate and committed to delivering Educards to your devices. However, as an early stage business we are prone to delays and we hope you understand.


So what's going on?

  • We've made audio learning seamless: When you'll be learning with playback (podcast/video) and with your headphones on, you can interrupt the playback anytime by saying "Hey Edu" and then start the conversation ("What does it mean?" / "Can you tell me a synonym" / etc.). Previously, this was not possible. First version paused automatically between each sentence to give you an opportunity to start the conversation.

  • Educard itself is no longer just a flashcard: Our first version was based on flashcards. After an update Educards supports also quiz-like exercises and more exercise types are to come. We'll make an extra post about this.

  • Offline support: We've acquired a technology which allows us to provide voice-control services offline, prioritising your privacy. This feature is up and running in "the lab". First released Educards version will still work online (similarly like Amazon’s Alexa does), but the offline version is our target and we are now confident it will eventually be delivered.

  • Cross-app voice control: The previous Educards version could fully control the "learning session screen". That means, that once you to opened your notes/lesson/etc. with touch gestures you could continue with voice. We pushed this further and now you can literally control the whole Educards app just by using your voice. You can switch between the screens, select the content, open lessons, every single touch gesture can be executed by voice command which can be said in natural language.

  • We've successfully signed up some schools which will provide content for Educards. Note that you you will still be able to use Educards to study your very own content (such as your notes), however, all of us are going to benefit from this cooperation, because it will bring more interesting content to the platform.

  • Research & development: From the beginning we aim to deliver a cutting edge product. We established a cooperation with MBZUAI in Dubai - one of the world's top universities in the field of Natural Language Processing.

All the aforementioned features are already up and running. We hope to have it finished in production quality within the next few months.


Finally, we want to reassure all of our users who have supported us that you will receive what we pledged for.


Thank you for your patience and support!

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