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Learn anywhere and anytime it feels right for you, just by using your voice!

Voice Controlled

Educards provides voice command for each touch gesture. It is designed in a way which lets you switch seamlessly between graphical and voice user interfaces at any time. This allows every student to learn by using his voice without sitting at a computer.

  • How exactly does Educards work?
    Please read an in depth description of Educards - Educards Explained.
  • Is Educards Voice Control a chatbot?
    No. The main objective of Educards Voice Control is to control the app rather than to chat with a student. You can comfortable control the app with simple voice commands and focus on your learning session instead of fighting with the chatbot - we don't believe chatbots are ready for this task yet.
  • Where can I download Educards?
    Educards is currently in active development. For more information please consult our roadmap. Educards will be eventually available in both App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).
  • What subjects Educards support?
    Since Educards are currently under active development, we first focus on language learning. Our first pick is French and Spanish for English learners. In future we will add more subjects and languages depending on the demand from our users.


Always learn in

Always learn with reference to your source study material. Educards is designed in a way that your learning context is always available.

Designed For All 

At the current stage of development, we have a prototype which runs on Android phones and tablets. However, we also designed Educards with the web and smartwatches in mind. With your help we can make Educards available on iOS and other devices sooner. Thank you for that.

Disclosure: Please note that due to the limited capabilities of smartwatch devices, Educards will be available on the smartwatch without the voice control. This may of course change in the near future, and we are looking forward to it, but we are currently limited by hardware capabilities. 

Educards are designed for much more than language learning. For upcoming versions we are already enhancing the voice user interface to let you explore recipes, learn lyrics and acting scripts, or solve simple math with your voice.


Remember More

The principles of spaced repetition are built into the DNA of Educards. The method is applied to the content at multiple levels: to the tiniest things (the Educards themselves), to whole sentences or phrases (context), or to the micro-lessons (which we like to call "snacks"). With Educards you don't "space-repeat" the flashcards, but your entire set of study material.



Initial design, research &




06/2022 - 07/2022

(in progress)

01/2023 - 03/2023


Prototype with working

Voice Control and other

vital functionality.

Alpha Version


Our first Kickstarter campaign.

Public Demo

Android with demo content

Our next crowdfunding campaign.

mid 2023

Version 1.0




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