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Educards Explained

This article explains the magic behind Educards: the voice-controlled learning platform.


The main concept of the app is an Educard itself - a smart flashcard with more than two sides. Its primary goal is to group and visualize set of related information in context. Therefore by exploring an Educard you can learn the content until you master what you need to learn.

Educards – voice-controlled learning with context always available.

Educards – voice-controlled learning with context always available.

A great example of a single Educard is a word or phrase of a foreign language. Such Educard contains all the relevant information you may wish to learn: translation, synonyms, examples of usage, conjugations – you name it. In a similar way, an Educard can represent an ingredient of your favorite recipe.

Voice control

What's so great about Educards is its unique design which allows you to explore the content by intuitive touch gestures or by voice commands.

You: "Hey Edu, tell me a synonym?" You: "Hey Edu, how to conjugate it in past tense?!" You: "Hey Edu, define the word please!"


With Educards you can explore many different types of content. You can learn from your own notes taken during your language lesson, or enjoy cooking with voice controlled recipes, or learn for your upcoming driving licence test while walking your dog. We are constantly adding support for more types of content.

Educards is designed to be a generic voice-controlled learning platform.

Educards is designed to be a generic voice-controlled learning platform.

The platform

Documents you create in Educards can be shared with privacy you need.

For students: Share your your notes with friends, or keep them private.

For educators: Publish your professionally created content for classroom or general public.

Spaced repetition

Educards always teaches a new subject effectively. You are not bothered with things you already know. Based on your previous answers you are asked only those questions with which you were struggling with. Furthermore, you can explore each Educard until you really understand the answer. At this point you drive the conversation and you are in charge of deciding when to move on to another Educard:

You: "OK. I got it, continue." You: "Go on, I got this one." You: "Proceed."

The more you use Educards the more it understands how fast you learn new things and also how fast you forget them. Educards' teaching algorithms are based on the most effective methods we humans developed to learn things. It's a mixture of advanced AI and spaced repetition.

Never out of context

Furthermore, with Educards you never learn things out of context. The original article is always on hand even if you use the app with voice control.

You: "Hey Edu, can you repeat the whole sentence please?" You: "Hey Edu, and what was the word?"

Of course, you may also ask for your own personal notes which you added while you were reviewing the article.

You: "Hey Edu, read my notes!" Educards: "This sentence is more informal." You: "Hey Edu, repeat the sentence for me!" Educards: "Tu fais quoi ?" [French] You: "Hey Edu, repeat again." Educards: "Tu fais quoi ?" [French]

Connecting all the dots

Educards is an app which cleverly connects the dots of your learning session. You can first study things in detail and later learn them step-by-step in tiny micro-learning sessions. It's a matter of your preference. In other words you can learn when you have the mood. Whether it's while you walk, cook, drive your car or do any other activity.

The learning sessions always stick to the context of the original source. Therefore you never feel lost. And since you don't have to look on the display of a computer, you are in the charge of driving the conversation. As a consequence you are less distracted which allows your imagination to flourish. This all together with a physical activity like walking results in your brain being very focused and very active.

Educards is an ideal setup for lifelong learners like we are.

You learn things better and remember them much longer.


Note on development state

Educards is currently a prototype in its alpha stage.

For details please consult our Roadmap.

Support us

If you like our vision, please support us.

A simple subscription would certainly make our day ;)



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